About Us

We started Jewelled Me (in Dec 2022) because we wanted the elegance and grace of every woman, to shine through her jewellery, as she walks through the world!

We are proud UK brand that ships worldwide, and produces high quality jewellery that you’ll absolutely love.

You have a unique story to tell and your jewellery goes beyond a simple ornament. Jewellery are treasured mementos, capturing everything you’ve done & felt. They capture your life & experiences, as a symbol, embodying what makes you, you, without a single word!


Quality Jewellery

We pride ourselves in the attention, love and care taken with each crafted piece produced. From design, to creation, to packaging, our commitment is to ensure you receive the absolute best quality pieces at affordable prices.


For every occasion

From Mother’s Day to birthdays, from weddings to graduations, you’ll find the perfect gift for your loved ones, or yourself, no matter the occasion.

Whether it’s a gift or a personal treat, become a Creatrix, build bonds and capture memories rocking your jewellery pieces, with style.



The feminine is unity and in unity, there is strength. We feel so blessed to be able to connect with incredible customers from around the world as you are who makes us, and what we do possible.

We want to embark on a journey together in making the world better and uplift everyone. We want to give back to the world and contribute to bettering it through the feminine.

They’ll be so many unbelievable memories to come, in the future, so join us on this journey!